Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Holistic Wellbeing Summit 2023 here.

How do I access the summit sessions?

We will send an email each day with a link to that day’s sessions. All of the sessions for each day will be available to watch for 24 hours, beginning at 7am Eastern Time (US) that day. If you do not see your email with the access link, be sure to check your Spam and Promotions folders.

Is the summit free?

Yes, each day of the 14-day event is free to access for 24 hours. You may also purchase Lifetime VIP Access to the summit to view all sessions at your convenience.

How can I purchase the VIP Lifetime Access?

You can purchase VIP Lifetime Access here.

Do I need to watch each session at a set time?

No, you can watch at your own pace. Every session during the 14-Day summit will be available for viewing for 24 hours.

How long can I watch the sessions for?

Each of the sessions during the summit is available to watch for 24 hours. Just use the link from that day’s email to access the day’s sessions.

I purchased the VIP Lifetime Upgrade Package. Where do I go for my lifetime access to the videos, audios, and bonuses?

Your VIP Lifetime Access Package account will be accessible right away. Videos and audio files will be added 24 hours after they have aired and bonuses will be available by the end of the summit. You will receive a separate email containing your login information and you can login here. If you did not receive your login information, please contact our summit team at [email protected]

Can I watch the sessions on my phone or tablet?

Yes. Just use the same link we email you for each day’s sessions.

Are closed captions available?

If you would like to enable Closed Captions during the summit, please click the CC button in the Lower Right Corner of the playback window.